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Resource Action Fund

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The Resource Action Fund was an £18million fund, provided by Defra to support resource efficiency projects, with the goal of diverting, reducing, and better managing, waste.

Please note that the Resource Action Fund is now closed.

The Fund supported new projects in England, aimed at resource efficiency. Funded by Defra, the Resource Action Fund supported key policy outcomes in the areas of food, plastics, textiles, recycling infrastructure and litter. It did this through a variety of mechanisms including large and small-scale grants, and through expert support in the areas of food and non-household municipal recycling.

COVID-19 Emergency Surplus Food Grant

As part of the UK Government's collaborative response to supporting key infrastructure throughout the pandemic, Defra made £4.85m available through the Resource Action Fund. The COVID-19 Emergency Surplus Food Grant was delivered in three phases:

  • Phase 1 support with WRAP approaching a target list of small redistribution organisations who have applied previously to the fund to ascertain their immediate need for potential funding support.
  • Phase 2 provided funding opportunities for small surplus food redistributors and is now closed.
  • Phase 3 was aimed at medium to larger operators and is now closed.

Small scale grants

Food Waste Prevention - applications are now closed

Programme of grants to provide new small-scale capital infrastructure and revenue support to organisations redistributing surplus food from the likes of retailers and food manufacturers.  This programme will continue the success of the previous small-scale redistribution programme delivered by WRAP in addressing barriers to food redistribution.

Textiles Recycling and Re-use Small-Scale Grant - closed

Grants to support projects that will enable textile materials to be recycled or re-used, diverting this waste from landfill so that it remains a valuable resource.

Litter Bin infrastructure – closed

A programme of grants that will provide support for local authorities in England to improve litter bin infrastructure.

Value From Food Waste – closed

These grants will support collaborative pilot projects that trial and test new processes and ideas to specifically target difficult and challenging streams of wasted food, to ensure that this food remains useful and retains value, preventing it from being sent for disposal and becoming waste.

The grants will fund both revenue and capital expenditure costs with project values between £20,000 and £100,000. 

Citizen Food Waste Behaviour Change Grant – closed

These grants will support projects that demonstrate new and proven citizen interventions that will encourage and influence citizens to reduce food waste. The aim of this grant is to support new, behaviour change interventions that encourage citizens to waste less food.

Non-Household Municipal Business Waste – closed

Grants to provide capital infrastructure to increase recycling capacity of non-household municipal waste.

Large scale grants

Plastics Packaging Grant – closed

This scheme will provide funding support for new capital infrastructure projects that will help to recycle difficult plastic packaging materials. This grant will support economic / commercial activity.

Food Waste Prevention – closed

This scheme is to provide capital infrastructure that will help address a current capacity gap in the sector for redistributing food that is currently being wasted, diverting this to people in need. The grants will support redistributing a significant volume of food to end beneficiaries through not-for-profit organisations / non-commercial activity.

Expert support for food businesses

For large UK food and drink businesses we have a team of Business Engagement Specialists to help you on your food waste reduction journey by supporting the implementation of the ‘Target, Measure, Act’ approach in UK operations.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about the support available please contact us. 

Find out more about the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap where you will find a wealth of information including an up-to-date list of supporters and committed businesses.