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New Policy Digest: Textiles Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

WRAP is developing a Policy Digest summarising the key impacts of recent Textiles EPR developments for businesses and what actions businesses need to take to comply with policy changes in the short, medium and long term, helping businesses to be proactive with policy developments, rather than reactive to fast approaching regulatory deadlines.

WRAP’s Policy Digest deliverables will be provided to a a subscribers on a quarterly basis, at the end of each quarter. The first issue of the Policy Digest . will be in June 2024.

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Report: USA packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) developments in during 2023

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In USA, less than 50% of the 80 million tons of packaging waste produced each year is recycled. 11 USA states introduced packaging EPR Bills during 2023. 2023 was an active year for packaging EPR in USA and policy experts predicted that 2024 would be an equally active year.

WRAP produced this guide to provide a summary of USA packaging EPR developments during 2023.


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Report: Summary of the proliferation of Textiles EPR systems across the world 

Other than in France, Textiles EPR systems are not well established. The need for systems to manage textile waste has become significantly more apparent in recent years and consequently, Textiles EPR systems are emerging around the world. The total volume of greenhouse gases emitted from textiles production annually is 1.2 billion tonnes. 8% of all global greenhouse gas emissions come from clothing and footwear.

Map showing which countries have active, planned or voluntary textiles EPR activities

WRAP has produced this report to summarise the proliferation of EPR systems for the textiles waste stream across the world.

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