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Food Waste Reduction Roadmap

A ground-breaking, industry-wide roadmap and toolkit

WRAP and IGD have led an industry-wide programme of work developing a roadmap for how the UK food industry will help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3, consulting widely with businesses, trade bodies and others from agriculture, production and manufacture, retail and hospitality and food service.

WRAP and IGD are inviting businesses to participate in whole chain food waste reduction plans (WCPs) – working together across the supply chain to take joint actions that reduce farm to fork food waste. WCPs form a key deliverable of the Courtauld Commitment 2030 and the UK Food Waste Reduction Roadmap. Supporters of the Roadmap have committed to Target, Measure, Act to reduce their own food waste, work in partnership with suppliers, and help consumers. Access the toolkit here. Businesses interested in undertaking a whole chain food waste reduction plan can also contact the WRAP team.

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The UK's largest retailers, food producers, manufacturers, and hospitality and food service companies have committed to milestones laid out in the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, developed by IGD and WRAP to tackle food waste in the UK. To accompany the Roadmap and Toolkit there is a range of guidance and templates to help businesses to 'Target, Measure and Act' on food waste.

Key benefits:

  • Allows businesses to measure and report consistently, and with confidence;
  • Helps food businesses take targeted action to reduce waste in their own operations, their supply chain and from consumers;
  • Helps the food sector deliver against the Courtauld Commitment targets; and
  • Helps the UK play its part in delivering the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.

Read our latest Progress Report to see the impact we're making in UK food and drink.

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Introducing the Roadmap

If you're new to the Roadmap start your journey here to find out everything you need to know about how to get involved.

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How to measure and report consistently and with confidence, as well as take targeted action to reduce waste in your own operations, your supply chain and from consumers.

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Measurement guidelines

Common guidelines for UK companies in measuring and reporting food surplus and waste data, consistent with the Food Loss and Waste Standard.

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Data capture sheet

Intended for use by all food businesses in the UK and worldwide.

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Who has signed up?

Discover who has committed to the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap and the ‘Target, Measure, Act’ principles.

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Whole chain toolkit

Enables businesses to work together across the supply chain to take joint actions that reduce farm-to-fork food waste.

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Hospitality and food service Action Plan

Defining the actions the hospitality and food service sector will take to help to deliver the UK Food Waste Reduction Roadmap.

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