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The Americas

Projects within the Americas

WRAP works globally with governments, businesses, and communities to deliver practical solutions to improve resource efficiency within plastics, food and textiles.

We have worked across the Americas with leading local organisations to deliver the following projects. 


WRAP has worked to support the development and delivery of Plastics Pacts around the world including those in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Network of Pacts. 

We have worked collaboratively across the Americas to develop several Plastics Pacts they are;

The Canada Plastics Pact (CPP)

Canada Plastics Pact worked with WRAP to deliver a ground-breaking industry wide action plan to address plastic waste.

On the 21 October the Canada Plastics Pact announced the official launch of their Roadmap to deliver their Pact targets.

Initially, WRAP helped provide strategic advice to the Canadian team to finalise the Plastic Pact which was launched in January 2021 and then to support in the development of their Roadmap launched in October 2021. 

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The U.S Plastics Pact

The United States Plastics Pact which launched in 2020. In the U.S. we are working with the U.S. Plastics Pact’s steering committee (including The Recycling Partnership, WWF and The Ellen MacArthur Foundation to support the development of their Roadmap in collaboration with all members and supporters. This is due to be published in April.

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Chile Plastics Pact 

The Chile Plastics Pact was the second Pact to be launched (2018) and WRAP has been supporting the Pact over a number of years.

WRAP has strengthened our support for Chile by securing funding from UKRI to provide technical support to finding solutions that help support the Chile Plastics pact target. 

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Pacific Coast Collaborative

The PCC’s West Coast Voluntary Agreement is an ambitious public-private partnership that aims to reduce food waste in the region across the supply chain.

The voluntary agreement calls on food retailers and their supply chain partners and manufacturers to take collaborative action to tackle food waste.

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The World Bank commissioned WRAP as one of the world’s leading organisations on food loss and waste, to support the development of a conceptual framework within Mexico. Prepared by the World Bank and WRAP on behalf of the government of Mexico, the Conceptual Framework brings together the data on food loss and waste in Mexico for the first time, painting a compelling picture of the current situation an creating a framework for action. 

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Canada is one of 8 countries who are using the knowledge and insights of our citizen behaviour change campaign Love Food Hate Waste. The licencing and use of Love Food Hate Waste on an international level, means those who sign up to it gain access to the use of our already established International, trusted and highly successful citizen facing food waste brand. The teams in Canada worked with us to develop a locally relevant campaign. Take a look at Love Food Hate Waste Canada. 

Other Global Work

Work to tackle food waste and plastic pollution continues within The Americas and other areas in the region are being explored. 

WRAP does not currently run any textiles projects within The Americas, more information on our global work on textiles can be found here. 

If you are a funder, or an organisation interested in working with us within The Americas, get in touch.