Plastics floating in the ocean


UK and international collaboration

Our work in action

We are working with businesses across the plastics value chain here in the UK and globally through the Plastics Pact network, transforming how we make, use, collect, sort, reuse and recycle plastics to create a circular economy, capturing the value of plastic, keeping it in the economy and out of the natural environment.

Working with key partners internationally, our voluntary agreements are transforming whole systems uniting businesses, governments and citizens behind a shared vision and measurable targets for change.    

The UK Plastics Pact

Our throwaway culture has led to increasing levels of plastic waste in our natural environment. Taking action to rid us of this scourge requires concerted global and national level action. WRAP is leading this national level action in the UK through The UK Plastics Pact working with businesses towards four measurable targets for change by 2025.

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European Plastics Pact

This Plastics Pact, covering European Economic Area (EEA) is the first regional pact to join the growing global Plastics Pact network. WRAP are the secretariat for the Pact.

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Developing global Plastics Pacts

Building on the success of The UK Plastics Pact we are working with partners to develop Plastics Pacts across Africa and developing regional collaborations to help affect change in small island nations through Plastics Pact networks.

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