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The issue with food waste

If food waste was a country, it’d be the third biggest contributor of greenhouse gases after China and USA.

Love Food Hate Waste works with partners like you to enable citizens to reduce this huge impact on climate change. It is an area where we can all make a real difference through simple changes.

70% of the food that is wasted in the UK is wasted by citizens in their own homes. That’s 4.5 million tonnes of food that could have been eaten being thrown away every year. 

Citizens can make a huge impact when it comes to reducing the amount of food that goes to waste in the UK – the power is in their hands and you can help us to empower them to use it.

The connection between wasting food and climate change

81% of citizens are concerned about climate change, however only 37% realise the connection with wasting food. (WRAP research June 2020). 

There is a huge environmental impact caused by food going to waste. Not only the harmful greenhouse gases created by producing food that isn’t used, or even from the food rotting in landfill, it’s also the waste of all the precious resources that it takes to bring that food to your plate – the land, water, energy and hard work (not to mention love and care!).

This is an example of the information we provide to create a lightbulb moment for our audience. We need to help people make this very simple, but very powerful connection. We know our audience cares about protecting our natural world, so we’re going to borrow that motivation to give people a powerful reason to care about food.

Love Food Hate Waste offers free assets for partners and businesses to use based on a current theme each month. Our 'Always On’ assets are updated and available to download in advance. Each theme focuses on a new research-led campaign to address the areas that will make the biggest impact in reducing household food waste. You can find these free assets here: Resource Library created especially for you to use on your social media channels. Please make use of these assets, or you can simply like and share content from the Love Food Hate Waste social media accounts on Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram. 

Our story

The Love Food Hate Waste team has developed world-leading programmes for preventing food from being wasted. We unite, motivate, and inspire citizens to keep food out of the bin and on their plates.

Underpinned by robust research, we work with strategic partners to build and deliver insightful campaigns, taking our message directly to citizens in practical, achievable ways. We believe in challenging attitudes, behaviours and mindsets to ensure citizens know the value of food: buying what they need, eating what they buy, and storing their food correctly.

We are the people who love food, and do all we can to stop it going to waste.

Our strategy

We take a targeted approach with our campaigns – focussing on the 18–34 year old age group (who waste more food than any other age group), and looking at the key products that we waste the most of at home such as potatoes, bread, milk, and various meat products.

This year we are focussing on our ‘Always On’ activity where two key behaviours are highlighted each month with two assets for partners to use on their social media, website or other digital channels. Our themes are:

July: Summer chill out 
August:  Brilliant BBQ’ing 
September: Back to busy 
October: Back to basics 
November: Why save food
December: Cosy comfort food
January: Healthy habits
February: Money saving magic
March: Food Waste Action Week 2022

Assets to help you work with Love Food Hate Waste

We offer a range of assets that are free to use, simply download and help us to create a meaningful impact to reduce food waste.

Our successes to date

Seven out of ten citizens who engage with our campaigns change their behaviour which should lead to less food being wasted. Here are some examples of recent insight-based campaigns and tools as well as some of our work with partners

Love Food Hate Waste® is now recognised by around 1 in 3 citizens in the UK. It focusses on people who are already, or are looking to take action, providing practical tips and advice. The  website provides recipes, clear informationadvice, and tools, such as the Portion Planner, Food Storage A–Z, and the Chill the Fridge Out temperature checker tool, all of which are making a real difference and influencing behaviour.