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UK Circular Plastics Flagship Projects Competition

Funding for plastics innovation

WRAP, working in partnership with UK Research and Innovation, is pleased to be delivering this £1.4 million grant programme. 

Round 2 – Refill Infrastructure Grant – new opportunity June 2020

Scope and aim of the competition

This new £475,000 scheme is open to applicants looking to trial and pilot new interventions that will implement refill infrastructure within an existing or new supply chain. WRAP is inviting Expressions of Interest from eligible applicants with project proposals that have strong commercial potential to reduce the use of single use primary plastic packaging. Projects should also offer significant opportunity to challenge and change the status quo, by changing the way retailers and their associated supply chain partners manage and design their supply chains in order to incorporate new refill options for their customers.  

Who can apply?

The scheme is looking to support collaborative projects only, that are business-led between retailers, manufacturers, and/or supply chain partners in order to identify how to ensure the economics of refill work across the whole supply chain and which can be communicated to the wider industry for the benefit of all.  

The appointed lead applicant must be from industry and must be a business or organisation that is currently dealing with, or planning to operate in, a plastic supply chain. (i.e. manufacturers, retailers, distributers, resource management companies etc.).  

Project proposals must include a collaboration with at least one other organisation. Other organisations may include retailers, manufacturers, or supply chain partners. 

The programme will award grants between £50,000 to £150,000 (both capital and revenue expenditure). There is a requirement for grant recipients to demonstrate commitment to the project by contributing a minimum of 25% match-funding (in monetary form).   

Application process and timing

As there is a finite budget of £475,000, we have designed this round of the programme to be delivered in two stages -  Stage 1: Expression of interest, Stage 2: Full Application.
The deadline for Stage 1 EOIs - 6th August 2020

WRAP aims to inform applicants of the outcome of the moderation process by w/c 31st August 2020

The deadline for Stage 2 Full Application - Mid October 2020

WRAP aims to inform Stage 2 applicants of the final outcome decisions by - Nov/Dec 2020

Contact the team on [email protected]

Grant recipients

Organisation  Name

Sub-grant Partner


Grant Awarded

Project Overview

Tenschul Limited

SESI Food and Household Refill LLP

South East


The Mangrove Project is a collaboration to design and build a wet product automated dispenser with track and trace technology for refillable vessels. The dispenser captures data across the full breath of the supply chain. This data can inform the manufacturer and retailer about stock levels, customer preferences and habits to streamline the supply chain process as well as enabling impact analysis, useful for customer engagement.





This project aims to reduce plastic use in consumer goods with reusable containers collected, washed and refilled, ready to be reused. The project will use a range of materials, initially focused on stainless steel and glass. Delivery will be direct to consumers in emissions-free vehicles.

Good Clubs Limited

Packaging Services Europe Limited



The aim of this project is to develop a closed loop, refillable delivery system where product containers can be returned, cleaned and reused many times. Developing such a system is complex, requiring solutions that successfully integrate with existing consumer behaviours and supply chain infrastructure.

Braincare Limited, T/A Heights

Wepack Ltd

East Midlands


This is a refillable packaging system that builds in sustainability and user-centricity from the start. The project will specifically look to replace the 'single-use' PETG plastic bottle with a reusable container-system that features a durable ‘keeper’ vessel to hold a monthly refill of capsules or tablets.