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The Chile Plastics Pact was launched in 2018 and was the third Plastic Pact of its kind. WRAP has been supporting the Pact over a number of years. 

The Chile Plastics Pact is an initiative led by Fundación Chile and the Ministry of the Environment, aimed at rethinking the way the country produce, use and dispose of plastics, ensuring that plastics are used in a more circular approach to avoid contaminating the environment.

The Pact is part of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy initiative, all working towards a common vision for a circular economy for plastics. 

There are 50 organisations signed up to the Pact in Chile, including the public, private and civil sectors, it operates in a joint and articulated manner, generating collaboration and innovation to move towards a circular economy of plastics. The Pact also seeks to bring citizens closer to the challenge of advancing in a circular economy of plastics. 

Pact members have agreed to 4 targets. These are;

  • Target 1

    Dispose of single use packaging. Taking actions to eliminate problematic or unnecessary single-use plastic.

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  • Target 2

    100% of plastic packaging must be designed to be recyclable, reusable or compostable.

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  • Target 3

    1/3 of household and non-domiciliary plastic packaging to be recycled, reused or composted.

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  • Target 4

    Plastic containers and packaging must have between their different formats on average, 25% recycled material.

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The Chile Plastics Pact have already published their roadmap and their baseline and are soon to publish their first annual report, which has helped them set the priorities for the next couple of years.

More recently WRAP has strengthened support for Chile by securing funding from UKRI to provide technical guidance to their working groups as well as direct funding for the implementation of projects that directly contribute to the Chile Plastics Pact reaching its targets.

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