Tracking the UK's progress towards achieving the Courtauld 2030 food waste target and UN Sustainable Development Goal target 12.3.

The outcome of the government consultation on improved food waste reporting has now been withdrawn and the introduction of mandatory reporting is being reconsidered, this means that there is ongoing uncertainty and that the voluntary approach is more important than ever in ensuring that the food industry makes a collective contribution to the UK achieving the Courtauld 2030 (C2030) food waste, and SDG 12.3 targets

This report summarises the progress being made towards achieving the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap milestones, which were published in March 2023 to clarify what is needed to achieve the C2030 food waste target and for the UK to play it’s part in achieving the global target.

Key highlights

366 committed organisations (which includes trade bodies, redistribution organisations, companies involved in waste management and others), an increase of 4% since last year.

208 large businesses implementing ‘Target, Measure, Act’ in the past year, this means they are measuring and reporting to WRAP, so that we can monitor progress.

Positive progress across all areas of the Target Measure Act approach to tackling food waste:

  • The number of businesses setting targets has increased by 27% compared to 2021

  • A greater proportion of Roadmap businesses are reporting a reduction in food waste

  • More Roadmap implementors are actively collaborating with their supply chain partners

  • An 18% increase in the number of organisations reporting taking action to support in reducing food waste in their homes. 

Take action

To achieve the 2030 target, more large food businesses need to commit to the Roadmap and implement Target Measure Act.

There will be a way that your business can play its part:  

Sign up and implement, or encourage your suppliers/members to take this action.

Find out more about getting involved here 

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  • Food Waste Reduction Roadmap Progress update report 2023

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