Harriet Lamb

Chief Executive Officer

Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive, WRAP

Harriet Lamb is passionate about environmental and social issues with a track record in making a difference around the globe.

She is an experienced CEO who built the global movement Fairtrade – a certification scheme that sets standards to make trade fairer, working with producers in the developing world as well as thousands of companies and retailers, and creating a vibrant grassroots movement.

Following 15 years with Fairtrade – as CEO of the UK Fairtrade Foundation and then of Fairtrade International – Harriet led International Alert, a peacebuilding organisation. She was then appointed CEO of Ashden, which promotes just climate solutions including sustainable energy in the UK and globally.

Harriet has won a number of awards including a CBE, Orange Businesswoman of the Year, and Cosmopolitan EcoQueen. She was also the first woman Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

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