Keith James

Head of Policy & Insights

Keith James

Keith is Head of Policy & Insights at WRAP. He leads a team of experts across WRAP's areas of interest to support policy makers around the world.

He leads on developing insights which inform the development and implementation of policy supporting a circular economy relating to food, plastics, textiles and resource management.

Keith has worked in a variety of positions in the public and private sector focussed on enhancing environmental outcomes. He has previously managed WRAP’s relationship with key Government departments and been accountable to Government funders for the delivery of WRAP programmes. He has led WRAP's work on textiles and healthy sustainable eating, and co-authored a number of publications with partners around the world.

Taking WRAP's impact across the globe

We take the successes, experience and lessons learnt in the UK and work with in-country partners to deliver practical solutions to improve resource efficiency within plastics, food and textiles that fully address the needs of the local area. 

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