Recycle Now: 'Recycle Me' mark


A version of the Recycle Now mark for use on greetings cards. Two versions are available in black and in white. Please note that this Mark should NOT be used on greetings cards that contain glitter or additional non recyclable decorations such as batteries or badges unless accompanied with the instruction: 'Please remove any glitter, batteries or badges and dispose of these items with your non recyclable waste'.

We hope to issue further guidance in the future but if you are at all unsure about the recyclability of the items, e.g. those with various finishes, please do not use this mark. This mark should also NOT be used on any form of packaging, as this where the OPRL labelling system is applicable. Should you wish to use this mark on other non packaging items, or if you would like to now more about OPRL, please contact Recycle Now via: [email protected].

Last Updated

11 April 2022


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