This comprehensive Guide to Contract Procurement and Management has been developed by WRAP as a manual to set out the steps required in contract procurement and management, to support local authority officers.

Local Authorities are under continual pressure to deliver value for money services and budgetary savings across all services. Service reviews and the procurement of new contracts can support this requirement by ensuring effective competition and driving innovation and efficiency in service delivery.

This Guidance Manual provides guidance on all stages within the procurement process, considering early decision-making actions, engagement with the marketplace, the development of contractual documentation, managing an effective contract procurement project, and managing contracts post award.

Further consideration is made towards opportunities for increasing value for money, for example through the benefits of tendering services in a partnering arrangement with neighbouring local authorities.

The interactive PDF document titled 'WRAP Guide to Contract Procurement and Management' acts as a companion to the Guidance Manual, but provides a cut down and easily navigable summary of contract procurement and management.

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