Indian company Dalmia, working in partnership with Interface, aimed to demonstrate that through mechanical recycling, single-use plastic waste, destined for landfill or incineration, could be turned in to high value applications such as injection moulded car components and packaging. 

  • The goal of this project is to demonstrate that mixed plastic waste from various single use plastic packaging application could be mechanically recycled into high value applications e.g., Injection moulded components for auto industry and packaging applications.
  • The mixed plastic waste streams identified currently go to landfill or incineration since properties are insufficient to be useful.
  • Dalmia, based in India, were able to identify and source a range of mixed waste stream and Interface Polymers supplied technology to be able to increase significantly the properties.
  • The concept was proven at a lab scale at both Interface and Dalmia but due to unforeseen delays in the scale up full scale trials were not able to be completed before the project end date (March 2023) .
  • Work will be completed as soon as larger volumes are available.
  • If these trials are successful, then Dalmia will start a business to recycle the mixed plastic waste and supply pellets to local injection moulding companies and film producers. 

Receiving a Plastic Innovation Global Grant enabled Interface Polymers to expand our horizons and engage with plastic recycling industry in India to develop solutions for mixed plastic waste streams. WRAP was able to use their network of experts to connect us to other companies working to improve the recycling of plastic waste. Many of our projects in recycling struggle to get started due to high risk and unclear returns, funding by WRAP enables the upfront risk to be reduced and this leads to clear understanding if a viable business case exists. 

Simon Waddington, Business Development Director, Interface Polymers 

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