PackFlow Covid-19: The impact on the compliance landscape for UK packaging recycling 2020-2022

Packaging compliance specialist Valpak (a Reconomy Group Company), together with its key partners WRAP and INCPEN, has published updated PackFlow reports which estimate the amount of packaging placed on the UK market (POM) in 2019 (Phase I) and assess the impact of Covid-19 on UK packaging compliance for 2020 and through to 2022 (Phase II).

Despite concerns relating to the potential impact of COVID-19 and the associated restrictions, the report finds that overall compliance with targets proposed in the 2019 packaging consultations will be challenging yet broadly achievable. 

The PackFlow reports cover glass, metals, paper, plastic and wood and are designed to quantify how much packaging is placed on the UK market (POM) and subsequently recycled.  They are also used by UK governments to inform the setting of business recycling targets.

Steel – the compliance position remains well balanced with a small surplus projected.  As recycling rates remain extremely high it is essential that a high proportion of reprocessors are accredited.  The projected decrease in POM means surpluses may be eroded and 2022 may see a small shortfall.