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Food Waste Action Week

We're working together to halve food waste by 2030

Food Waste Action Week is Love Food Hate Waste's flagship annual campaign which brings businesses, government organisations and global partners together to support citizens to develop the tools they need to cut food waste in their homes.

4.7 million tonnes of edible food is thrown away each year by UK households. Shockingly, 25% of this wasted food is as a result of people cooking, preparing or serving too much - this costs UK households £4.9 billion each year. 

That is why Food Waste Action Week 2023 shone a light on how simple behaviours to reduce food waste can save time and money. This will ultimately reduce the impact of food waste on climate change.

Food Waste Action Week 2024: 18th - 24th March

Food Waste Action Week 2024 will be encouraging citizens to 'Choose What You'll Use', highlighting the benefits of buying loose fruit and vegetables and inspiring people to do this wherever they can. Buying loose reduces food waste - WRAP research has shown that if all apples, bananas and potatoes were sold loose, we could save 60,000 tonnes of food waste by enabling people to buy closer to their needs. 

This year, we will be working in schools and with brands and retailers, to make the shift towards buying and selling fresh produce simpler for everyone. 

If you are interested in supporting Food Waste Action Week 2024, please get in touch at [email protected]

The 2024 campaign assets are now available to download.

Food Waste Action Week 2023

Our third annual campaign took place 6 - 12 March 2023.

The theme was ‘Win. Don’t Bin.’ and we worked with businesses and government organisations to demonstrate how valuable food is in our lives, how it unites people and how using up everything we buy saves time, money, and the planet

By increasing citizens’ confidence in ‘using up leftovers’ and by promoting a range of skills that are easily adopted, the campaign aimed to create impact by reducing food waste in our homes. This year, 162 organisations from 12 countries around the world took part. 

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Thank you to Arla Foods, Danone, Kenwood, Lidl, Ocado, Panasonic and Tesco who sponsored Food Waste Action Week 2023.

Get involved

There are a number of ways to support the week: through direct sponsorship; running events and PR activity; and through helping to spread the campaign’s key messages across your own networks.

If you are interested in supporting Food Waste Action Week 2024, please get in touch at [email protected].

Food Waste Action Week 2022 

In 2022, we inspired citizens across the world to waste less food, running a campaign across social, PR, and digital channels. The campaign reached over eight million people in the UK, with a massive 55% of them saying they did something about food waste as a result. 

Food Waste Action Week 2022  - what did we achieve together?

We are delighted that seven organisations donated to support the Week in 2022. They are Aldi, Danone, Defra, Dunbia, IHG Hotels & Resorts, KFC, Ocado Retail, OLIO and Sodexo. Thank you to these donors for their support, which gives the campaign more impact and helps us to tackle this important issue.

Join us in the fight against food waste, one of the biggest contributors to climate change, get in touch via [email protected].