View across land of the Ica Peru

We have combined forces with IDH (an international NGO headquartered in the Netherlands) and their Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables (SIFAV), by joining their project in Ica, Peru. The project focuses on strengthening the catchment’s water cycle and biodiversity, reducing soil runoff, and improving livelihoods of communities. These activities are embedded into an overall water stewardship plan for the area.

The project launched in 2023 and is led on the ground by Good Stuff International.


  • Improve water retention, biodiversity and reduce runoff
  • Improve livelihoods in local communities
  • Embed interventions in a water stewardship plan.


  • Harvest water and reduce runoff (100 ha infiltration ditches, local tree planting)
  • M&E of impact on water cycle, run-off & biodiversity
  • Involve and improve sustainability of upstream livelihoods
  • Establish a broadly supported, data-driven water stewardship plan
  • Maintenance and further development of ditches
  • Continued monitoring and evaluation
  • Support by up-and downstream communities and value chain stakeholders.

The Ica catchment is outlined in orange:

A map of Peru showing the an orange boundary of where the project is taking place

We have been working for a long time on making collective action in Ica a reality. It’s very exciting to see key players on both sides of the ocean, in Peru and in Europe, now join forces for responsible water management in the Ica catchment. Together, by working with all players in the value chain, we can achieve more impact, faster.

Coen van Iwaarden, Sr. Advisor Sustainable Business, Nature’s Pride

Read more on the Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables website

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