Press releases

Press release 20 July 2023

This year Recycle Week is celebrating its 20th anniversary and will be inspiring children, families and whole communities to get involved in The Big Recycling Hunt.

Press release 18 July 2023

This latest study from WRAP was conducted to provide Welsh Government and WRAP Cymru up-to-date data on the composition of waste collected by local authorities in Wales (the analysis included all municipal solid waste (MSW), mixed residual and commercial waste). The main aim of this work was to monitor progress against targets and identify further areas for improvement including understanding the proportion of the residual waste produced in Wales which could be diverted through recycling or composting.

  • The analysis shows that 84% of materials targeted by the kerbside dry recycling service in Wales was recycled, an increase of 12 percentage points compared to 2015.
  • The analysis shows an increase of 7 percentage points in the proportion of food waste collected for recycling at kerbside compared to 2015.
Press release 17 July 2023

WRAP’s annual report 2022/23

  • Independent evaluation of WRAP’s work shows reduction in UK annual greenhouse gas emissions of almost 5M tonnes CO2eq (2019/20).
  • Food: Food Waste Action Week in 12 countries; ‘Best Before’ dates removed from thousands of products; world-leading Scope 3 protocol launched.
  • Plastics: Colombian Plastics Pact launches; UK Plastics Pact members cut ‘problem plastics’ by 84%; Resource Action Fund saves 11,500t of plastic from landfill.
  • Textiles: 115 signatories to Textiles 2030 including clothing companies, brands and retailers, trade bodies and recycling & recuse organisations; WRAP report informs textiles Extended Producer Responsibility.
  • Circular economy: WRAP’s seven strategies for G7 emissions; Circular Economy Fund helps manufacturers produce more products with recycled content and so saved more than 8,200 tonnes CO2.
Press release 13 July 2023

International climate action NGO WRAP continues key changes across its senior leadership team with the appointment of two new trustees to its board. They replace Robert Longley-Cook, Jim Oatridge and Sachin Kapila, whose terms of office have ended.  

Press release 5 July 2023

Today the European Commission announced steps to tackle food waste and textiles, as part of its European Green Deal and Circular Economy for Textiles.

Press release 14 June 2023

WRAP is delighted to be a project partner in the UKFT led £4 million project to develop and pilot a pioneering fully-integrated, automated sorting and pre-processing demonstrator for waste textiles (ATSP), which could eventually divert thousands of tonnes from landfill each year. 

Press release 13 June 2023

Press release published on behalf of Australian Fashion Council and WRAP Asia Pacific 

Press release 13 June 2023

Environmentalist and social rights campaigner Harriet Lamb has become the newest United Nation’s Champion 12.3, in her role as CEO of international climate action NGO WRAP.

Press release 7 June 2023

We want to help inspire the next generation of climate action advocates, so we’re delighted to announce our partnership with Let’s Go Zero, a campaign that unites schools in becoming net zero by 2030.

Press release 31 May 2023

Last week members of the UK Plastics Pact gathered in London for our 5th Annual Summit. Since we launched the historical Pact in 2018 with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation we have seen progress in the UK act as a catalyst for a global network of Pacts and other voluntary stewardship approaches around the world. A key takeaway from the Summit was that voluntary collaboration across supply chains has accelerated progress, and helped businesses be ahead of the curve when it comes to pending legislative changes around the world.