Protecting critical water resources for food supply, for nature and for local communities.

We're developing a new project to reduce water stress in Southern Spain by 2030. It will involve businesses taking action in their supply chain as well as supporting us with financing to implement the action plan and carry out phased water stewardship activity. Our first three priority areas are within Andalusia and Murcia. You will also be asked to join us in key efforts to support the action plan such as strengthening certification schemes and supporting advocacy work to improve regulations & governance in Southern Spain. 
Contact Rowen West-Henzell or Sophie Harrison in our Water Roadmap team if you're interested.

The Roadmap towards Water Security for Food & Drink Supply (the ‘Water Roadmap’) sets out a vision and key pathways to address the challenges we collectively face in protecting critical water resources for food supply, for nature and for local communities.

It is a joint vision for the outcome we are seeking across the UK food & drink industry as a whole: to  deliver the Courtauld Commitment 2030 water target that 50% of the UK’s fresh food is sourced from areas with sustainable water management. The Water Roadmap also aims to deliver an important contribution towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 (availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all), as well as protecting and restoring biodiversity, and contributing to Net Zero goals through the implementation of nature-based solutions.

A Roadmap towards Water Security

WRAP and the Courtauld Commitment 2030

The Water Roadmap is coordinated by WRAP and delivered by a large number of water
stewardship expert bodies, on-the-ground delivery agencies and UK food & drink organisations, many of whom are Courtauld 2030 signatories and supporters.

To help deliver the ambition of the Water Roadmap, all UK food & drink organisations are urged to join.

Water Roadmap Supporters

The Water Roadmap launch webinar, featuring businesses governments and NGOs taking action to reduce water stress in key sourcing areas for UK food and drink, can be viewed here:

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