Around 320,000 tonnes of edible fresh fruit and 1.3 million tonnes of edible fresh vegetables and salad are wasted in UK homes each year, worth an estimated £3.8 billion. Approximately £2.2 billion of this is wasted because it is not eaten in time.

Updated Household Food Waste Figures

Please note that for the most recent data on the quantity and types of food wasted by UK households please refer to Household Food and Drink Waste in the United Kingdom 2021-22.


We know fresh produce spoilage is linked to its perishability, which is exacerbated by being stored in sub-optimal conditions. To prompt people to change the way they store fresh fruit and vegetables, WRAP developed and piloted a ‘kit’ or suite of behaviour change interventions to help people prolong the life of their fresh produce, thereby making it stay fresher for longer. The kits contained:

  • Fridge decal stickers that indicate the correct food storage in zoned fridges
  • An A5 shopping list pad with storage guidance
  • A tote bag with on-bag storage guidance displayed
  • An information leaflet that contained a brief explanation of the kit and the project

Read the reports and supporting case study to find out more about the intervention and the results from the study.

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  • Behaviour Change Intervention Case Study: Changing the Way People Store Fresh Produce

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  • Exploring How UK Citizens Store Fresh Produce at Home Report

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  • Fresh Produce Storage Intervention Technical Annex

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  • Fresh Produce Storage Intervention Main Report

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